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Manuscript Preparation

When submitting manuscripts for consideration in the Trainers’ Forum please use the following guidelines.  

  1. Length: Manuscripts submitted to the Forum are typically 20 pages in length (inclusive of tables and figures, but not references), although the length may vary with the importance of the article.
  2. Format: Manuscripts must be double-spaced with one-inch margins. This includes tables and references. No footnotes should be included.
  3. Title Page:  A title page file, separate from the manuscript file, that includes the names of all the authors and their university/professional affiliations. Contact information- mailing address, telephone, and email address of the first author should also be included.
  4. Abstract and Keywords: An abstract of no more than 250 words must be included. After the abstract, please supply up to five keywords.
  5. Implications for Training: All submitted manuscript MUST contain a section titled : “Implication for Trainers of School Psychologists” or “Recommendations for Trainers of School Psychologists “or “Implications for School Psychology Training Programs” or “Recommendations for School Psychology Training Programs” that provides clearly articulated implications or recommendations pertinent to the manuscript’s content and the training of school psychologists. Manuscripts lacking this section will not be sent out for review and will be returned to the author(s)
  6. Tables and Figures: All tables should appear after the Reference section. Approximate table location within text should be indicated by the author as follows: [insert table 1. about here] Authors bear responsibility for the accuracy of tables and figures.
  7. Text: Manuscripts should be submitted in Word:
    • include a title
    • include a running head (limit 50 characters)
    • do not use field functions
    • use tab stops or other commands for indents, not the space bar
    • use table function, not spreadsheets, to make tables
    • Use the equation editor or MathType for equations.
    • Save your file in docx format (Word 2007 or higher) or doc format (older Word versions).
  8. Headings: Please use no more than three levels of displayed headings
  9. Page and Line numbers: Include page numbers and line numbers in the manuscript file. Use continuous line numbers (do not restart the numbering on each page).
  10. Acknowledgments: Acknowledgments of people, grants, funds, etc. should be placed in a separate section on the title page. The names of funding organizations should be written in full.
  11. Citations and Reference list: Citations and references are styled according to the seventh edition of the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association. References should be typed double-spaced, in alphabetical order starting on a separate page following the manuscript. References should refer only to material listed within the text. Do not abbreviate journal names. Authors should review and verify references before manuscripts are submitted for consideration. Authors will be responsible for accuracy and completeness. Material that is not retrievable, such as papers presented at meetings and symposia, unpublished works, personal communications, and reports available from the Educational Resources Information Center (ERIC), should be limited to material absolutely essential to the article. Quotations 300 or more words in length require the written permission of the copyright holder for reproduction.

Policy on multiple, redundant, or duplicate publication and text recycling, data mining, and concurrent publication: The Trainers’ Forum will only accept original, previously unpublished manuscripts that are not being concurrently considered for publication elsewhere. The Trainers’ Forum will not accept manuscripts describing essentially the same research that has been published elsewhere. The editorial staff of the Trainers’ Forum believes content redundancy is not determined by the length of an article or the publication venue, format, or status; rather, it is determined by the overall communicated content, the amount of overlap describing essentially the same research, results, and/or recommendations, and the amount of new contributing data and data analyses that were not available or reported in a previously published work. Note: The Trainers’ Forumconsiders a more in-depth or expanded discussion (including expanded or detailed descriptions of methodology, samples, treatments, interventions, assessments, data) of previously published content to be discussion of the same content, and therefore, redundant.

The Trainers’ Forum does not view the following use of a work as a prior publication: publication as an academic thesis/dissertation.

Research Involving Human Subjects: Authors must follow national and international procedures that govern the ethics of experimentation on humans. Research reported in the paper must be conducted in an ethical and responsible manner, in full compliance with all relevant codes of experimentation and legislation. All papers which report in vivo experiments or studies using human subjects must include a written statement in the Methods section that such work was conducted with the formal approval of their institutional human subjects review board.

Manuscript Submission: Manuscript submissions and inquiries should be directed to Paul Jantz at Manuscripts that do not follow preparation guidelines will be returned to the corresponding author for correction, prior to peer review. 

Peer review: The Trainers’ Forum uses a double-blind review process and requires you submit a blinded manuscript without any author names and affiliation. All contributions will be initially assessed by the editor for suitability for the journal. Papers deemed suitable will be sent to a minimum of two independent expert reviewers to assess the quality of the paper. Both the reviewers and the author(s) will remain anonymous. Therefore, the authors should take care to avoid language that could identify themselves as the authors. Authors should properly cite and reference their own work, but should take care not to use phrase that identify themselves as the author. Such work should be referred to in the third person, e.g., “Previously Jantz & Bigler (2014) examined…”. The Editor is responsible for the final decision regarding acceptance or rejection of articles. The Editor's decision is final.

Cover letter: A separate cover letter should include: a statement that the article, review, or information contained in the submission has not been published elsewhere and is not currently being considered for publication, a statement that all ethical guidelines were followed as required for conducting human research, a statement that indicates coauthors listed in the byline have agreed to the byline order and to submission of the manuscript its current form, a statement that the corresponding author will keep coauthors informed of progress through the editorial review process, the content of the reviews, and any revisions made.  The cover letter should include the names and contact information of all authors and identify the corresponding author. The cover letter should include a statement that the corresponding author understands that, if accepted for publication, a certification of authorship form will be required that all coauthors will sign and return, prior to publication.

Manuscripts accepted for publication in the Trainers Forum are edited for correctness and consistency of grammar, spelling, and punctuation. In some cases, portions of manuscripts are edited for conciseness and clarity of expression. Edited manuscripts are sent to the first author. Changes at this stage are limited to correcting inaccuracies and typographical errors. Authors must bear responsibility for the accuracy of references, tables, and figures. 

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