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Awards Committee:

Tanya Talapatra, Ph.D. (Chair)

Disseminates calls for awards (Judith Kaufman Award for Outstanding Training Contribution to School Psychology; Early Career Faculty Award; and Graduate Student Scholarship Award). Develops rubrics for evaluation, and selects annual award winners.

Membership Committee:

Liz McKenney, Ph.D. (Chair)

Approves new members, updates bundle memberships as needed, and coordinates renewal processes.

Research Committee:

Daniel Newman, Ph.D. (Chair)

Reviews research that will be submitted to the SPTRAIN listserv and supports researchers in dissemination.

Social Justice Committee:

Candice Aston, Ph.D. & Stephanie D'Costa, Ph.D. (Co-Chairs)

Brings Forward social justice issues impacting the field of school psychology. They have worked to elevate marginalized school psychologists (Honoring Diverse Leaders flyers) and offer training to support the recruitment and retention of marginalized students into the field.

Special Interest Groups

Consultation Interest Group: Liz McKenney, Ph.D. (Chair).

Addresses trainers’ needs when teaching consultation, most notably through maintaining the Consultation Training Research Hub, an online repository of consultation materials intended to strengthen consultation training, research, and practice in school psychology.

Bilingual Interest Group (Ad Hoc): Stephanie D’Costa, Ph.D. (Chair).

Supports the training of future bilingual school psychology students by sharing resources and research.

WebMaster: Johanna deLeyer-Tiarks, Ph.D.

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