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        President's Welcome!

        It is an honor to serve as the Trainers of School Psychologists (TSP) president this year. We have the awesome responsibility and privilege of training the next generation of school psychologists and/or school psychology trainers. This is a pivotal time to be doing this work! As school psychology trainers, without a doubt, we face many challenges every day. Whether we are early, middle or late career professionals, just a few of the challenges we face are the shortage of both school psychology practitioners and trainers, the dearth of mental health supports across the country, and long-standing issues of inequity and bias (e.g., by race/ethnicity, poverty, LGBTQ+ status) in children accessing them. These challenges are coupled with the many demands on our time that involve research, service and teaching in universities across the nation.


        However, with these many challenges, I see remarkable working being done in the field. So many of our colleagues are rolling up their sleeves to address these big picture issues for the field and on behalf of our graduate students and school-aged children and adolescents. The compassion, dedication and remarkable talent and work of school psychology trainers, graduate students and school psychologists that work tirelessly in the field continually strike me. This work happens in school psychology graduate training programs, schools and clinical settings across the United States in rural, urban/suburban contexts and in international settings.


        On a small and large scale, practicing school psychologists and those that prepare them are looked to as leaders in schools, districts, universities, and in regional, state, national and international contexts. There couldn’t be a more critical time for school psychology trainers to support and learn from one another. Trainers of School Psychologists (TSP) is committed as an organization to facilitate this important work through our mission and vision. It is TSP’s hope that we can help you in your work through resources, ongoing dialogue, and important conversations. I look forward to seeing you at our TSP 2020 meeting in Baltimore, MD. Thank you for all that you do to support the training of our future school psychologists!


        Warmest wishes,


        Pam Fenning

        Loyola University Chicago

        TSP President 2019-2020



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        Mission Statement

        TSP is committed to innovation and excellence in graduate training programs for specialist and doctoral school psychologists. Our purpose is to foster high quality training in school psychology programs. We work toward this goal by examining current trends in graduate education programs, providing professional growth opportunities to school psychology faculty, facilitating communication with field based supervisors, and supporting legislative efforts that promote diversity and excellence in training.

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