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President's Welcome!

It is an honor for me to take over the presidency of the Trainers of School Psychology. The organization, which got its start in 1973, has been an independent organization that seeks to support Trainers through education, communication, and advocacy.

 This year, I am hoping to remind myself of a basic tenant that should drive all of our decision making. A school psychologist’s first client is the Child. Everyone one of us got into this field to change the lives of children and adolescents and to promote mental health. Because much of our work involves working with graduate students, other faculty, professional organizations, publishers and editors, and policy makers, it can be easy to allow those relationships to become the focus of our work and to forget our primary clients.

 TSP is one of many organizations with the school psychology universe, and we value our relationship with each of them. We are all part of a broader family, and we all have the same goal – serving children and adolescents. Being part of a family, there may be times when conflicts occur. These conflicts are necessary but must never be the primary focus of our attention– to promote the mental health of infants, preschoolers, children, and adolescents. The theme is common across all of our groups. Thus we value our partnerships with CDSPP, Division 16, NASP, ISPA, SSSP, and others past and future. We are all honored to be part of the great field of school psychology and share a love of using psychological principles to serve our kids.

This year I encourage all of us to be mindful of our Client every time we teach a class, write an article, serve on a board, or attend a meeting.

      - David Hulac, President of Trainer's of School Psychologists


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Mission Statement

TSP is committed to innovation and excellence in graduate training programs for specialist and doctoral school psychologists. Our purpose is to foster high quality training in school psychology programs. We work toward this goal by examining current trends in graduate education programs, providing professional growth opportunities to school psychology faculty, facilitating communication with field based supervisors, and supporting legislative efforts that promote excellence in training.

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