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Trainers of School Psychologists

2022 TSP Annual Conference

February 14, 2022

Northeastern University (Boston, MA)

"For the love of the profession"


Preparing School Psychologists to Support the Inclusion of Neurodiverse Learners   Lori Vincent & Julie Morrison

Addressing Workforce Capacity through Training and Advocacy   Kristine Camacho, Sara Whitcomb,  & D. Tight Cooke

Advising Student-Parents in Higher Education: A Mixed-Methods Case Study  Catlyn Frey, Claire Lute, & Ashley Coburn

A Pandemic: Technology Use, Mental Health, and Job Burnout  Joel Eocanegra & Minghui Hou

Establishing a University Based Assessment Clinic: Benefits and Challenges for School Psychology Programs  Wendi Johnson & Jenna Reece

Roles and Responsibilities of the Social-Emotional Learning Services Department in a Florida Private School Setting  Julia Nucolo, Jessica Galvez, & Peter Caproni

Supporting Success in Graduate School: Making Explicit the Hidden Curriculum of Doctoral Study Erik Reinbergs

Promoting Equality in Early Childhood Education: Implications for Trainers of School Psychologists Marci Walton & Tamara Hodges

Identifying "Missing" Students Amidst COVID-19 Pandemic  Sarah Pryor & Jessica Pena

Recruitment and Retention in School Psychology: An Analysis of School Psychology Peer Reviewed Journals 2011-2021  Katherine Mosca & Patrick S. O'Donnell

MTSS: Best Practices when Supporting Emergent Bilingual Students  Arnold Rodriguez-Robles Emily Grande Gonzalez, Claudia Zavala Lara, & Cathi Draper Rodriguez

Understanding Perspectives of Educators to Inform Equitable School Discipline Reform  Taylor Williamson, Ashley Saperstein, Reese Hyzer, Shanna Chakkalakel, & Pamela Fenning

Integrating Equity and Social Justice Throughout a Graduate Program  Dan Hyson, Rob Dixon, Joci Newton, & Ruth Shoemaker Martinez

Incorporating Student Perspective in Program Review & Planning Caroline Blach & Nori Ryland 

Culturally and Linguistically Responsive Training for School Psychologists, School Psychology Graduate Students, and Faculty  Iryna Kasi, Ricardo Mogo, & Sofia Caval

Trainee Focused Data Can Complement Accreditation Processes  Em Meyer, Tammi Ohmstede, Rylan Mahoney, Trisha Lenhart, & Dylan Moore

Recruitment and Retention: Barriers and Outcomes  Heidi Teahon, Brieanna Brock, Tammi Ohmstede, & Em Meyer

The School Psychology Admissions Resources Survey (SPARS): What Sources of Information Influence Graduate Student Program Selection?   Jessica Blake, Kathleen Aspiranti, & David Hulac

Making Visible the Cultures, Values, and Contributions of Students from the African Diaspora  Andrea Dennison, Stacy Herard, & Christine Kanva

The BOLD School of Thought: Preservice School Psychology Candidates' Lessons from Implementing an Online Mediated Learning Experience with School Aged Children   Erin McAuliffe, Jennifer Chung, & Darla Scott

Innovative Methods for Providing Practicum Experiences Through the Pandemic  Darla Scott, Kimberly Daniel, & Jennifer West 

Creating Communities of Care: Culturally Responsive and Trauma Informed Framework for Promoting Parental Wellness  Darla Scott, Jennifer West, Kimberly Daniel, Adrienne Bills, & Sydni Love

Taking on a BOLD new approach: Preparing our Trainers to Counsel in a Dual Pandemic  Genevieve Yaeger & Darla Scott

Child Anxiety in the Age of COVID-19: Evidenced Based Interventions  Eamon Stewart, Vicole Nguyen, & Julie Ivey

We Saved Our Program: If We Weren't So Exhausted We'd Celebrate  Peg Potter, Lisa Stewart, & Mary Dosch


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