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2023 TSP Annual Conference

February 6, 2023

University of Colorado-Denver

"The Art and Science of Training"

Agenda- Day at a Glance

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Mastering the Mock Intern Interview: Ensuring a Meaningful Experience for Practicum Students (Barclay, Yaegar, & Scott, 2023)

Supervising Confident Professionals: Exploring the Link Between Supervisory Relationships and Trainee Self Efficacy (Chung, McAuliffe, & Scott, 2023)

School Psychology in Puerto Rico: Barriers to Recruitment and Retention (Cruz-Lopez & Delgado, 2023)

Traumatic Brain Injury: A Snapshot of School Psychology Program Content (Dennis & Jantz, 2023)

Pre-Service Teachers' Knowledge of Twice-Exceptionality (Field, 2023)

Identifying Errors in WISC-V Administration: GoReact and Graduate Training (Gagnon, Yarbrough, Rector, Cummings, Maclean, 2023)

Continuing Professional Development: Start Early and Get Connected (Johnson, Wiemers, Ohmstede, & Meyer, 2023)

Mothers in Academia: Balancing Roles and Mental Health (Khosraviyani-Wang, Johnson, & Skinner, 2023)

Ethics & Technology in School Psychology (Medley & O'Conner, 2023)

Evidenced-based Undergraduate Mentoring Intervention for Graduate School Preparedness (Martens & Simon, 2023)

Considerations for Portfolio Evaluation in School Psychology Internships (Morgan & Roberson, 2023)

Peer Mentoring: Assessment Labs for Clinical Skills (Moore, Meyer, Johnson, Ohmstede, & Meyer, 2023)

Bilingual School Psychology Certificate Development: The California Bilingual School Psychology Consortium (CBSPC) (Ni, Robinson-Zañartu, Perry, Ojeda-Beck, Ortiz, Jimerson, Draper Rodriguez, 2023)

Retention of RELD School Psychology Graduate Trainees: The Importance of Mentorship (Paez, Brightwell, Arun, Cabal, Worton, & Valley-Gray, 2023)

Meeting NASP Accreditation Standards: Hybrid/Online Training Programs (Proctor & Lawlar, 2023)

Supporting Adoptive and Foster Care Families: Training Emergent Practitioners through a Trauma Sensitive and Culturally Competent Lens (Reece & Johnson, 2023)

The Post-Covid Impact on The School Psychology Trainer Shortage (Renzi & Daly, 2023)

Social Justice in the Redesign of Curriculum and Practices of a School Psychology Graduate Program (Rhoades, McPherson, & Starling, 2023)

The Acculturation Model of Ethics Education (Rhoades, McPherson, & Starling, 2023)

Your Students R Ready for It: Teaching Applied Statistics with R (Roberson, 2023)

Undergraduate Research Training Program (PAIS): Graduate Students as Mentors (Mariely Vélez Pérez, Maryliz Soto Quiles, Yan L. Feng Ruiz, Brenda M. Cintrón Rodríguez, Mónica D. Ruiz Ruiz, Xiomara M. Colón Aponte, Desiree Paz Adames, 2023)

From Classroom to Practice: The Impact of DEI Training in School Psychology Programs (Scott, Low, Hackett, & Cheney, 2023)

What makes a school psychologist - training, supervised experience, professional roles? YES! (Simon & Martens, 2023)

Facilitating University School Psychology Program and Local School District Partnerships Post-pandemic (Trausch, Hubbard, Jimenez, Caproni, & Valley-Gray)

Remote Class Attendance Considerations for School Psychology Programs (Wilson, Slie, Meyer, & Ohmstede, 2023)

Hybrid interdisciplinary training for school psychologists and special educators: Opportunities to promote skills for collaboration and address personnel shortages (Witmer, Hamilton, Truckenmiller, Valentine, Cho, Bachmann, & Aupperlee, 2023)

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