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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I update the faculty list at my university?

Send an email to Liz McKenney at that includes the name, phone number and institution of your faculty member.

2. What if I am not getting School Psychology Training and Pedagogy?

Contact Liz McKenney at  She will need your name, phone number, and institution affiliation.

3. How do I pay for membership?

TSP membership can be paid by personal or institutional check only. Purchase Orders (P.O.) are not accepted.

4. When do I renew my membership?

Effective June 2011, our calendar year is from September through August. You should pay in the summer to cover the next school year (September-August).

5. Where do I send my membership check?

It is highly preferred that new and renewing members pay online, via a departmental p-card or similar mechanism. If you need to mail a check, please send it to:

Elizabeth McKenney, PhD, NCSP

Campus Box 1121

Edwardsville, IL 62025

6. Is there an additional fee for the TSP conference at NASP?

Rising conference costs necessitate a modest TSP conference fee. As a board, we work hard to minimize this cost.   

7. Can I pay for membership at the TSP conference?

Yes, many institutions pay their annual membership at TSP conference during NASP.

8. What is the difference between individual and institutional membership?

Institutional membership cost $165 and covers up to eight members of the core school psych faculty at your university. Each of the eight core members receive discounted TSP conference attendance and the first five members receive School Psychology Training and Pedagogy. When voting, each institution has 1 vote; the ballot is mailed individually to the program director.

Individual membership cost $70 and does not include voting privileges.

9. How does voting work?

For institutional members, 1 ballot is mailed individually to the program director. Individual members do not vote.

 10. Who do I contact with other membership questions?

Liz McKenney

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